Graeme Allwright French / New Zealand Singer

Graeme Allwright is a French singer/songwriter of the late-’60s folk era best known for his French-language adaptations of songs by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton and Pete Seeger – in addition to his own “folk” styled songs. Born on November 7, 1926, in Wellington, New Zealand, he moved to France in 1948 – though he could speak practically no French at the time.

Years later, he began performing as a folk singer/songwriter and ultimately was offered a major-label recording contract with the Philips subsidiary Phonogram in the late ’60s. Graeme has enjoyed a long and successful career – he still tours constantly and has rightfully earned his place alongside France’s most famous singers…

This interview was recorded at Graeme’s apartment in central Paris on the 27th of Sept. 2010 – for Radio New Zealand and was broadcast on Saturday on the 19 February 2011.